Nigeria LPG Assembly 2020

With more than 1000% growth over the last ten years, LPG is the fastest growth area in the Nigerian oil and gas industry. Yet its coverage is barely 5% of its potential market. The appetite for investment in this clean energy option is almost limitless in the near-term. Join us as we unbundle this under-explored treasure trove with its multiple market entry and expansion options.

OTL Africa Downstream, in collaboration with the “National LPG Expansion Plan”, Office of the Vice President of Nigeria, together with other industry stakeholders, is pleased to invite you to the “Nigeria LPG Assembly”, holding from 2pm on Tuesday, 2 June 2020. The event is a whole-of-industry collaboration involving the National LPG Expansion Plan in the Office of the Vice-President of Nigeria, the National Gas Expansion Programme in the Office of the Honourable Minister of State for Petroleum, the Nigerian Gas Association and the Nigerian LPG Association. Others are the Women in LPG (Nigeria), the Nigerian Association of LPG Marketers and the Standards Organisation of Nigeria.
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